Cassandra Layne


Associate Member

Cassandra Layne graduated from the ANU School of Art's Glass Workshop in 2015. In 2018 she began her Master of Art History and Curatorial Studies at the ANU with the intention of bridging the gap between makers and those who display and collect their work.

Specialising in kiln formed glass, Cassandra uses abstract carvings and patterns to demonstrate how light and surface can be manipulated to create a deception of distance, depth and size. Her works are highly textured and encourage the viewer to move in close. This is helped by the use of strong bold contrasting colours.

Image: Cassandra Layne, Deep Space,  2017.  Kiln-formed and carved glass,  53.5cm x 35xm x 5.5cm.  ​​Photographer: Kerstin Styche. 
Featured Image: Cassandr Layne, Submerge (detail), 2016.  Kiln-formed and sand blasted glass,  44.5cm x 25cm x 2cm.  Photographer: David Patterson.