David Liu

Associate Member

David is a Cabrera-based artist, designer and furniture maker. He uses geometric shapes and perspective views in his furniture practice and highlights his work with optical illusion. Audiences are invited to look at and interpret his works from different angles. David understands and expresses the beauty of a complex world with simplified forms. For instance, he abstracted the shapes of a curly leaf and designed the Leaf Table. David holds a Bachelor of Design degree from ANU School of Art and Design, is the 2021 furniture workshop associate in JamFactory, Adelaide.

The leaf table is a piece of work investigating the complexity of the physical world. It aims to express the aesthetics of structure transformed from the physical world using elemental geometric forms. Leaves are simple and have a symbolic meaning of time and period. The various curves of leaves are also fascinating. The curved shape is simplified into squares and triangles. To maintain the balance between aesthetics and functionality, it used the architectural strength of triangles to build up the leg structure. It tends to abstract the beauty of the world into identifiable forms visually and physically. The artist was interested in looking at the intricate relation between
art and the physical world. It is highly representative of the transformation between artistic expression and physical object.

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Future Exhibition: Collide + Divide 2022

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Cover image: David Liu, Will be alright, 2021, plywood, paint. Photo: David Liu
Above image: David Liu, The Leaf Table, 2018, American walnut. Photo: Prue Hazelgrove