Marie Barincou

Mixed Media

Associate Member

Marie Barincou is a French-Australian multimodal artist and creative arts therapist based in Australia.

Barincou explores the links between finite humane existence and the vast expanses of time and space. She reflects on the existential conditions of life experience while tracing arcs between the world of feelings and thoughts.

Her artwork is layered with different levels of depth and granularity and includes media like gilding, acrylic paint and paper mâché.

Barincou has been awarded a Master of Fine Arts and a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice.

She helps people develop their life purpose while engaging in deep arts-based self-care practices. Her approach is fun and relaxing while offering meaningful ways to improve well-being.

Barincou also creates arts-based community projects that allow connections to unfold and relationships to heal. She has taught arts in various places, including the Australian Catholic University.

Top image: Dancing the meaning of life — 2018, Installation, 360 x 600 mm, cardboard, hemp cord, wood. ©Marie Barincou
Cover image: Icon — 2020, Printed linocut, 160 x 210 mm. ©Marie Barincou