Phoebe Breen


Associate Member

Phoebe Breen is a practising ceramicist by trade, working mostly in ceramics under the name Kindly. After moving to the ACT from Northern NSW, where she undertook a Diploma of ceramics, Phoebe now works out of a studio at Canberra Potters, Watson. Predominantly working in stoneware alongside a keen interest in Terracotta she is drawn to simple design and aesthetics. Phoebe finds much inspiration from natural Australian environment, drawing on earthy tones, patterns and glaze finishes. Acutely aware of her relationship to nature she tries to incorporate a holistic, regenerative approach to using clay as a natural resource.

Above image: Neptune Vase, 2019, Stoneware, 11.5cm x 16cm, Image: Hannah Axelsen

Cover image: Bottle Vase, 2019, Stoneware, 14cm x 11cm, Image: Hannah Axelsen