Cactus Landscape Plate

Cactus Landscape Plate

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Materials: Ceramic decorated with sgraffito techniques.

Dimensions: 20cm Diameter x 1.5 cm Depth

About the Artist: 

Adelina is an illustrative ceramic artist based in Ngunnawal/Ngambri Country (Canberra). She utilises clay to create playful sculptures, and vibrant decorative functional objects inspired by contrastive landscapes, flora and fauna.

Combined with sgraffito techniques on underglaze colours, Adelina’s vibrant palette is reminiscent of coastal seascapes and mountain ranges. Featuring royal blue and azure backgrounds, aqua, apple green and chartreuse hues, they combine and harmonise together to create an expressive and distinctly vivid artwork.

Her functional ceramic vessels are designed with smooth surface areas, creating a canvas of clay on which to decoratively depict highly stylised scenes of whimsical landscapes and furtive green flora compositions.