Burnt offering

Burnt offering

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2023 Annual Members Show

Year: 27cm long x 10cm wide x 18cm tall

Material: Porcelain vessels, with organic burnout

About the Maker: Jo Victoria is a ceramic artist living and working on the South Coast of NSW. She works primarily in porcelain, and makes tableware, lighting and sculptural works. Jo started her career as an anthropologist in the 1980s working with people in remote Australia and collecting stories about country and cultural landscapes. She later completed a Diploma and MVA (ceramics) at the ANU School of Art and Design in Canberra.

Jo’s art practice explores ideas of place and focuses on the influence of living close to nature. Her works are often focused on revealing hidden narratives in the landscape that illude to the deep past and the inter relationship between people and nature.

Her high fired unglazed porcelain work captures an essential quality of fragility and strength. The whiteness and translucency of her pieces are evocative of bleached bones, fossils and broken shells found on the beaches and rock platforms on the ocean’s edge.

Photos: Courtesy of Artist

Available for collection from 10th of December.