Sanctuary of Solitude

Sanctuary of Solitude

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From the 2023 Annual Members Exhibition 

Year: 2023

Dimensions: 55 cm x 70 cm

Material: Raw silk, natural dyed with onion, cutch, woad, myrobalan. Framed in Tasmanian black oak with Bees wax polish, DMC floss.

About the Maker: Pinal Maniar

Pinal is an artist whose journey is fueled by an unwavering passion for handcrafted textiles. With a background that encompasses printing, weaving, dyeing, quilting, and traditional textile craft techniques, Pinal's artistic voyage has been a rich tapestry of diverse experiences.

After many years immersed in the fabric design and manufacturing industry, Pinal has now redirected her focus exclusively towards handmade creations. Her interest lies in the crafting of textiles that are not just unique but also sustainable. Each piece she produces is a manifestation of her commitment to marrying craftsmanship with eco-conscious practices.

Within Pinal's textiles, she finds the boundless creative potential of natural materials and intricate patterns. The threads of her artistry interlace to tell a compelling narrative of the interplay between artistic expression and environmental consciousness. Every textile is an ode to the ideals of local production and sustainable creation.

Pinal's artworks are a melange of inspiration drawn from nature's palette, and her hands translate this inspiration into exquisite pieces that resonate with authenticity and meaning. With every thread she weaves, Pinal reinforces the notion that art can both reflect and contribute to the world in profound ways.

 Photos: Photo provided by artist

Available for collection from 12/12/23