Stoneware stamped spiral vase

Stoneware stamped spiral vase

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Materials: Stoneware stamped spiral vase, fired in Old Saint Lukes studio reclaimed cooking oil kiln.

Dimensions: H 16 cm x W 14.5 cm 

About the artist: Emily's pots are made to be held. She starts by wheel throwing, and later carve surfaces by feeling the clays respond to her tools. Fine peaks might emerge from slicing through porcelain, or the memory of being ripped might remain in robust stoneware. The final appearance reflects how she feels her way through that clay body and how the glaze later pooled or broke over the top of the feeling. 

She has been inspired by the physicality and random kiln magic of wood firing. Whenever possible, she fires her work at Old Saint Lukes’ Studio (Gundaroo) and Strathnairn Arts Centre (Canberra).

Photos: Craft and Design Canberra