Benedict Laffan


Associate Member

Benedict Laffan is a designer and maker of fine solid wood furniture, selected cabinetry and objects who has lived and worked in his craft in both Sweden and Canberra Australia. At the core of his practice is a deep understanding of his preferred material wood and a vast knowledge and experience in using traditional joinery techniques while also embracing the modern design aesthetic and materials such as plywood to create unique pieces for his clients and exhibition. Ben has a distinct design language which expresses an interest in Scandinavian and Japanese architecture and furniture while paying respect to the material wood and it's source. Ben completed studies at the ANU School of Art Wood workshop in 2002 and has continuously practiced and worked in industry in both countries which has given him the strongest foundation in launching his new practice Detailed Wood in 2008.

Image: Tool Cabinet, 2001, Wood Oak/Ash, 800x430x1400mm Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Cover image: Tool Cabinet Joinery Detail, 2001, Wood Oak/Ash Photo: Courtesy of the artist.