Sarit Cohen


Sarit Cohen has been immersed in the making of ceramics since she graduated from the ANU Institute of the Arts in 1992. Sarits perspective is influenced by a nuanced understanding and knowledge of the Bauhaus and the Decorative Arts movements of the early 20th. Just as importantly to the artist is having her formative years spent growing up in Israel, and being exposed to the kaleidoscope of colour, migration, food and architecture.

Sarit was born in Bersheeba, of Turkish and Indian descent and her first language is Hebrew. You can see the many references to these formative experiences in the finished ceramics. Sarit aims to create cohesive artworks by utilising strong lines, geometric abstract patterns and a unique balance of architectural shape and space.

"The play with the form of the object is always a pleasure, and this play creates the building blocks of ideas to be represented. The exploration into the making of ceramics has absorbed me for 30 years. I am constantly refining my ideas to complete works that satiate my curiosity. It is still a wonderful experience witnessing the vessels taking shape."