About Us

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We Love Craft and Design.

Craft + Design Canberra is a not-for-profit membership based organisation which supports artists, craft practitioners, designers and makers at every stage of their careers. We promote and celebrate excellence and innovation in contemporary craft in everything we do – in our retail space, exhibition gallery, membership program, events and throughout our biennial festival. Read about the history of  Craft + Design Canberra. 

Meet the team

Jodie Cunningham | CEO + Artistic Director
Email: ceo@craftanddesigncanberra.org
Working days: Monday - Friday
Jodie Cunningham is CEO and Artistic Director of Craft + Design Canberra, one of Australia’s leading creative centres for the development of visual art, craft and design. Jodie manages the overall operations and resources, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors, staff, members, sponsors and government bodies. She is the public face of the organisation, curating a vibrant program of exhibitions, residencies and cross-disciplinary collaborations including the Craft + Design Canberra Festival.
Jodie is a highly creative arts leader, visual artist and educator with extensive experience in developing and delivering innovative exhibitions, public programs in museums, galleries and art contexts. She also has an extensive background in visual art and design education and a commitment to mentoring developing artists and fostering collaboration.Jodie advocates for the power of creativity, the arts and cultural activity to provide hope to our communities, strengthen our local and national cultural identities, and facilitate social change. 5 fun facts about Jodie:
1. Wore a hole in her carpet when she was little from drawing all the time on the floor of her room
2. Is a chromaphile - loving, living and wearing saturated colour
3. Is a bowerbird for colourful vintage objects, filling up her studio with rainbow aluminium picnic cups and makes assemblage sculptures from them
4. Loves to fly fish but rarely catches a fish
5. Can put her red lipstick on without looking in the mirror and while talking
Moraig McKenna | Assistant Director, Engagement
Email: moraig.mckenna@craftanddesigncanberra.org
Working days: Tuesday - Friday

Moraig McKenna has worked in public programs and visitor engagement for the last 15 years. She has lectured in ceramics at tertiary institutions including the ANU and the Australian Catholic University. She has an established career as a ceramic artist her work has been exhibited internationally including in China, Korea, USA and around Australia. She has work in the collection of The Canberra Museum and Gallery. 5 fun facts about Moraig:

1. Born in Scotland

2. Owns a cemetery

3. Won Mug of the year in 2022.

4. Loves Asian ceramics

5. All her clothes are olive green.

Belinda Neame | Assistant Director, Communications
Email: belinda.neame@craftanddesigncanberra.org
Working days: Monday - Thursday
Ella Myer | Retail and Digital Content Officer
Email: shop@craftanddesigncanberra.org
Working days: Monday | Wednesday | Half Day Thursday + Friday
Ella Myer is an emerging artist, currently finishing off her studies at the ANU, majoring in Video + Animation and in Chinese Language. She came to Canberra in 2019 and has been studying and working ever since. 5 fun facts about Ella:

1. Is a raging hobby collector.

2. Born and raised in London.

3. Plays lots and lots of field hockey.

4. Has been learning Mandarin since she was 11.

5. An emerging artist practicing in ceramics and textiles.

Eve Fairhall | Membership Officer
Email: membership@craftanddesigncanberra.org
Working days: Monday | Tuesday | Thursday
5 fun facts about Eve:
1. I can fall asleep on any moving vehicle - in fact if the trip is over 15 mins I start getting snoozy. It's a gift and a curse!

2. 'Where the forest meets the sea' by Jeannie Baker is my favourite children's book and still the only thing I've ever read.

3. Building and nurturing fires is the best self-care

4. Everything about Polystyrene makes me feel ill

5. The all-time best nickname someone has made for me is 'Evie Nicks'

Waratah Lahy | Exhibition Coordinator
Email: waratah.lahy@craftanddesigncanberra.org
Working days: Wednesday - Friday

Waratah Lahy is an artist known for her ability to capture the beauty and humour of everyday moments through painting and drawing. Her work is inspired by observations of daily life and regularly feature scenes from her neighbourhood as well as other urban scenes and landscapes. Waratah is represented by Beaver Galleries, Canberra. Waratah has worked as a casual lecturer in painting and drawing at the Australian National University School of Art & Design for over 15 years. She also works as the Gallery Manager for the Mixing Room Gallery at Thor’s Hammer, curating and organising exhibitions with an environment focus.

5 fun facts about Waratah

1. Collects colourful dresses and plastic brooches

2. Finally got her driving license after being on her Ls for 20+ years

3. Is a practicing artist

4. Has a Doctor of Philosophy of Visual Arts

5. Loves reading and always has a book (or 3) on the go.