Katherine Grocott

Katherine Grocott is a contemporary jeweller and paper artist who focuses on jewellery as memory keeper, story teller and commentator on the world and an educator committed to helping students learn jewellery making skills.

Katherine Grocott has been interested in jewellery design since she took it as a minor subject in her Fashion Degree. She took the plunge to focus on jewellery design in 2014.

Katherine’s work is quite visually strong and graphic featuring clean lines and contemporary, modern design. She appreciates minimalism and this features prominently in her work.

Over the years, her commitment to environmental sustainability has influenced Katherine’s design process. Recycled and found objects feature in her work, and she sources recycled metals as much as possible. The materials Katherine uses are varied, including silver and titanium, acrylic, plexiglass and plastic. Gemstones are a new addition to her repertoire. In terms of found objects, she has made jewellery utilising x-rays, vintage serving platters, plastic tubing, tea infusers, venetian blinds, and perfume sample bottles amongst other materials.

Katherine believes that jewellery offers a perspective of the wearer, an opportunity to express oneself. Jewellery can be an expression of creativity, with both the wearer and the maker gaining pleasure from a piece. A piece of jewellery can tell a story or act as a memory. Jewellery can also be a wonderful conversation starter.