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2018 DESIGN Canberra auction works. (L-R) Richilde Flavell, Alison Jackson, Furnished Forever, Katie-Ann Houghton, Rolf Barfoed, Marilou Chagnaud, Madisyn Zabel and Phoebe Porter. Photography by Anisa Sabet.

Craft + Design auction

Craft ACT recognises the devastating impact the Covid 19 crisis has had on the local arts industry and our devoted audiences. To help support our members during this difficult time, Craft ACT will be holding an online art auction where all proceeds from sales go directly to the artists.

You are invited to submit a work to feature in our 'Nurture' auction of contemporary studio-produced craft and design. The auction is an opportunity to celebrate experimental, small scale or one-off pieces from leading designers and craft practitioners.

Craft ACT and DESIGN Canberra will actively promote the auction through our social media channels and networks. This an opportunity for artists to make some income for their work, and to benefit from a high profile campaign by Craft ACT to coincide with the auction to promote artists, their practice and their work. And it should be lots of fun!

A professional photographer will be engaged by Craft ACT to take object photography and styling for the online auction. This will also help to promote the work. Copies of the photographs will be provided to the artists.

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2017 DESIGN Canberra auction works. (L-R) Simon Cottrell, Tom Skeehan, Marilou Chagnaud, Kate Nixon, Mitchell Brooks + Dan Lorrimer, Anna Gianakis, Alison Jackson, Christina Bricknell and Geoff Farquhar-Still. Photography by Lean Timms.

Setting an auction price

The auction starting price must be below the usual retail price of works included in the auction.

The auction software allows us to note the fair market value of the work. (This means the likely selling price on the market at a specific point in time, or the usual RRP.) Some items may exceed this price, others may not. That’s the risk of the auction.

We have received advice that it’s best to start an auction without a reserve (starting price) because this encourages bidders and activity. If this is something participating artists are comfortable with, please let us know. The work’s value will be listed as ‘priceless’. Then we will all work hard to try to get lots of bidders and build momentum and interest for your piece.

If artists need to set a reserve (starting price) given the value of your work.

Please note that this may diminish the number of bids. We suggest that the reserve (starting price) that is set is no more than 50% of the fair market value of the work, but a higher starting price may be chosen if preferred. It’s up to the artist. Again, we will all work hard to try to get some bidders and build momentum and interest for the piece. If a piece is expensive then it will be essential to tap into the artist’s collector networks to encourage their participation.

So, with that in mind, all pieces included in the auction should have at:

Fair market value (for each item in the auction)
Starting price (either a reserve or no reserve).

    2020 DESIGN Canberra auction works. (L-R) Annie Parnell, OAT Studio, Kristin Burgham, Chi Yusuf, Mavis Nampitjinpa Marks of Ikuntji Artists and Jordan Leeflang. Photography by Lean Timms.

    Fees and Commission

    In the past Craft ACT has charged a 35% of the final price of sold works (less fees). This was in place to offset some hard costs associated with planning, delivering, photographing and marketing the auction.

    This year to help support our members during this difficult time, Craft ACT will remove the 35% commission this years auction and all proceeds will go directly to the artists.

    2019 DESIGN Canberra auction works (L-R). Lisa Cahill, Design by Them, Wayne Simon, Gilbert Riedelbauch, Kenny Son, Mel Douglas, Anna Gianakis, Endure Designs, Phoebe Porter and Tom Skeehan. Photography by Anisa Sabet.

    Proposed works //

    Craft ACT members can propose up to two works.

    The following details will need to be provided (for each work you propose). This work will need to respond to the theme of transformation and gold in celebration of Craft ACT’s 50th anniversary.

    • Title
    • Materials
    • Dimensions
    • Description (30 words)
    • Preferred reserve (minimum bid)
    • Please also provide an artist bio (100 words).

    Key Dates //

    • Applications due: 9am, Monday 11 October
    • Works confirmed: Tuesday 12 October
    • Delivery of works to Craft ACT: Friday 15 October
    • Photography: Monday 18 October
    • Auction launch: Friday 12 November
    • Bids open: Saturday 20 November, 9am
    • Bids close: Saturday 20 November, 9pm

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