Moraig McKenna

Moraig McKenna has been making wood-fired ceramics since 1991, working with Anagama style kilns and Wood fired salt kilns. In 2001 Moraig received a Master of Arts by research from Southern Cross University. As part of her research she developed a porcelain clay body designed specifically for wood firing.

Moraig’s work is wheel-thrown, manipulated and constructed or slab built. Her forms play with functional elements like rims, spouts, handles and feet. Surfaces show the marks of the wood firing, are often textured and some times subtly embellished with enamels and metallic lustres post woodfiring.

In Moraig’s work the mark of the makers hand is left subtly evident as a point of connection between the hand of the maker and the hand of the imagined user. She enjoys how quiet simplicity of form can be a counterpoint to the drama and richness of wood fired surfaces.

Collection photo by David Patterson.