BEEing Floor Talk

BEEing Floor talk: 

Join us in conversation with artists Dr. Julie Bartholomew + Mahala Hill to discuss their exhibition BEEing. 

This exhibition features the work of established craft-based artist Dr. Julie Bartholomew and early-career contemporary ceramic artist Mahala Hill. The title of this exhibition is aspirational because it refers to the continuing survival of bees, beeing pollinators and beeing in existence. Populations of bees are on the decline on a global scale. They are severely impacted particularly in Australia since the Black Summer fires. The loss of billions of insects is little understood, and there are consequences for humans because bees are major pollinators and sustain biodiversity.

BEEing aims to bring bring greater visibility to bees through the craft practices of these artists. Both artists aim to utilise the aesthetic power of craft practice to engage audiences and encourage critical discourse around the significance of bees and threats to biodiversity.

Presented with support provided by an Australia Council for the Arts grant. 

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Image: Mahala Hill, Mutated Hive II, 2022. Photo: Brenton McGeachie