Small Connections // Artist biographies

Danielle Barrie, Silver Birch – The one that makes you blind, 2021, sterling silver, citrine stone. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Danielle Barrie


Danielle is a jeweller and metalsmith from Adelaide, South Australia. Utilising geometric shapes she explores the binary oppositions of simplicity and complexity. Combining uniform shapes with fluid pearls or traditionally feminine forms with sharply cut stones explores the full potential of each component. Her aim is to create well-made, innovative and contemporary pieces that evoke a sense of history and refined playfulness. 


Daria Fox, Protector ring, 2021, STG, black druzy. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Daria Fox


Daria Fox is a contemporary jeweller and object maker based in South Australia. Daria completed an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2021 and is currently working in Adelaide, undertaking the associate program at JamFactory. She has also completed a number of specialised short courses including silversmithing, casting, forging and enamel.

Daria's work is textural, sculptural and symbolically focused, she produces a combination of exhibition and commission based pieces


Emma Cuppleditch, Its My Party (And I’ll Cry If I Want To) Earrings 1, 2021, resin, recycled tinsel and oxidised sterling silver. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Emma Cuppleditch 


Emma Cuppleditch is an emerging contemporary jeweller and visual artist from Adelaide, Australia. Cuppleditch creates items of jewellery which range from delicate and curious to bold and other worldly. Through experimenting with natural/unnatural and lost/found, Cuppleditch creates unique pieces of wearable art which touch on themes of memory, sentiment, imagination and whimsy.

In 2012 she established her design label ELC Studio which later became a key feature of her former boutique retail and gallery space, Small World. She has since designed jewellery for the Adelaide Fashion Festival’s Emerging Designer Showcase in collaboration with local design label Willow & Grace and currently sells her jewellery at the JamFactory, The Fleurieu Arthouse, Zu Design and Urban Cow Studio.

Cuppleditch recently completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia and is currently working as an Associate Jeweller at JamFactory Craft & Design.

Erin Daniell, Hill’s Daisy Bunch Earrings, 2021, sterling silver, acrylic. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Erin Daniell


Erin Daniell is a contemporary jeweller and visual artist in Adelaide, South Australia.  Her works explore the concept of beauty and imperfection, in the form of small-scale sculptures cast from hand carved wax or natural materials with traditional silversmithing techniques. As a female artist she believes that jewellery can be a powerful marker of identity and expression.

Gretel Ferguson, Cover Stitch V11 + V1, 2021, powder coated copper, silk. Photo: Grant Hancock

Gretal Ferguson 


Trained in silversmithing, object design and contemporary art jewellery, my practice is quite eclectic. My work ranges from simple, subtle, aesthetically motivated forms, to conceptually driven statements on society. There is often a cheeky nature that sneaks into my work, with many pieces boasting a hint of interactivity, to further engage the viewer beyond wearability. Though my work is predominantly created using traditional silversmithing practices, my creations are anything but traditional. I am constantly exploring new ways of working with different forms and materials to modernise and compliment my obsession with traditional silversmithing.

Kath Inglis, Griffithsia + Coraline Epiphytes, 2021, hand cut, coloured, carved and heat fused PVC, lollypop sticks, ink, silk thread + stainless steel wire. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Kath Inglis 


Raised in Australia's multicultural tropical city of Darwin, Kath Inglis moved south to Adelaide to study contemporary jewellery. After graduating from the South Australian School of Art in 2000, Kath continued to develop her practice by working from a number of studios, including the renowned Gray Street Workshop, JamFactory's Metal Design Studio and soda and rhyme. Kath now lives in the beautiful Adelaide Hills with a work bench located at the Hahndorf Academy.

Katherine Grocott, 1.5M (Green), 2021, nylon, dye. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Katherine Grocott


Katherine Grocott is a contemporary jeweller and paper artist who focuses on jewellery as memory keeper, story teller and commentator on the world and an educator committed to helping students learn jewellery making skills.

Katherine Grocott has been interested in jewellery design since she took it as a minor subject in her Fashion Degree. She took the plunge to focus on jewellery design in 2014.

Katherine’s work is quite visually strong and graphic featuring clean lines and contemporary, modern design. She appreciates minimalism and this features prominently in her work.

Over the years, her commitment to environmental sustainability has influenced Katherine’s design process. Recycled and found objects feature in her work, and she sources recycled metals as much as possible. The materials Katherine uses are varied, including silver and titanium, acrylic, plexiglass and plastic. Gemstones are a new addition to her repertoire. In terms of found objects, she has made jewellery utilising x-rays, vintage serving platters, plastic tubing, tea infusers, venetian blinds, and perfume sample bottles amongst other materials.

Katherine believes that jewellery offers a perspective of the wearer, an opportunity to express oneself. Jewellery can be an expression of creativity, with both the wearer and the maker gaining pleasure from a piece. A piece of jewellery can tell a story or act as a memory. Jewellery can also be a wonderful conversation starter.

Polly Dymond, This Mess Brooch #4 Greens/Peach, 2021, electroformed copper, polystyrene, brass, enamel paint, stainless steel. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Polly Dymond 


Born in Adelaide but raised in Melbourne, Polly Dymond is a current Jewellery and Metal Associate at JamFactory (Adelaide). A finalist of the DIA GOTYA Awards (Jewellery) and recipient of the NMH Metalworks Prize for Smithing she completed an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2019. Previously undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at Swinburne University, Dymond spent a decade working in teaching, cinema exhibition, marketing and event management before her lifelong preoccupation with making grew too strong to ignore.

Her current practice is driven by a deep love of the natural and elemental combined with despair over the loss of craftsmanship and disposability of contemporary objects and materials (plastic, plastic plastic!). The resulting jewellery and objects possess a duality of process; forging and forming exploring ancient traditional techniques alongside the manipulation and metamorphosis of discarded single use packaging and plastics, transforming them into precious and permanent artefacts. 

Sarra Tzijan, X Jake Shaw Lowlight 1, 2021, mycelium, sawdust, copper. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Sarra Tzijan


Sarra Tzijan is an Indian-Australian artist originally from Melbourne currently based at JamFactory in Adelaide, South Australia.

Tzijan’s practice spans across sculpture, jewellery and design, focusing on the combination of traditional craft hand skills with contemporary art.

There is a strong reference to illustration, that featured more prominently early in her career. Tzijan often treats the metal like paper, marking it in a way that is intuitive and spontaneous.

Tzijan often brings in other hands, voices and materials in her processes, acknowledging the importance of others in the making.


Zoe Grigoris, Heart Long Drop, 2021, oxidised sterling silver, fine silver. Photo: Grant Hancock.

Zoe Grigoris 


Zoe Grigoris is a contemporary jeweller and artist; her work is feminine and romantic and plays on ideas of daydreams and nostalgia. Her practice uses traditional metal-smithing techniques and steel punches she has made herself to create her distinctive patterns in metal.
Zoe graduated from Flinders University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts before completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts Specialisation at the University of South Australia in 2014. Zoe went on to complete the Associate Training Program at JamFactory. Zoe has exhibited nationally and is represented by galleries around Australia. In 2020 Zoe moved to an independent studio space within Adelaide’s CBD where she continues to run her exhibition and commission-based practice.