Cheryl Johnson

Cheryl strengthened her analogue collage technique (using paper and scalpel rather than digital collage) and her drawing skills (not something she usually does) to respond to the daily prompts first thing every morning.

She started with a quick mind mapping exercise to compile her first thoughts, some researched ideas and images that stimulated thoughts for a composition. The final images were a daily surprise but the three that resonated with the focus of her art practice were ‘Prototype’ – a serious message and her favourite prompt; ‘La Nina’ – a fun idea; and ‘Brutalist’ – hard edges juxtaposed with the softness of ice cream and relaxation.

Cheryl is a mixed media artist who explores the extent that women are empowered to express their hopes, dreams, and talents in the face of societal and familial constructs. Her subject matter often uses images of young women living in the 1950’s juxtaposed with collaged images of unrealised potential. Cheryl is a student studying visual arts at Canberra Institute of Technology.