Hazel Francis - Winner

The Journaling Challenge came at a time of upheaval, so there was not a consistent process. Ideas: for some of the words the ideas just popped out whilst for others it was a war of nothingness, and then others too many ideas! As a Hand-embroiderer my first thoughts are the colour, fabrics, and threads to use, maybe a sketch and then on to the main game - stitching. This year a fabric book was a go, making sure it was the correct size. Which prompt did I enjoy; um! that’s hard but Home, Collaborate and Bee the most.

I am a hand-embroiderer and textile artist working with traditional and contemporary designs. I work contains metallic, silk and cotton threads on a mix of fabric fibres. I am experimenting with and exploring ideas that push the boundaries within and beyond my skills and knowledge.

My work has a mix of traditional and contemporary feel from pictures to embroidered books, ecclesiastical robes and currently working on a small installation piece.

Making hand- embroidered can be slow and methodical, very mediative allowing the creative soul to have a sense of being, of who I am, in the busy and complex lives that we all live. My aims are to encourage others to find their creative selves through mentoring and collaboration.

I am a member of the ACT Embroiderers Guild and the Textile Artists (UK) and Craft + Design ACT.