Laura Canty - Runner Up


My name is Laura Canty and I loved taking part in the Craft + Design Canberra Creative Journal Challenge. While the challenge was running, searching my emails for the day’s prompt was the first thing I would do each morning. At times an idea would instantly come to mind, at others I allowed the prompt word to stew, and consider possibilities. With collage being a large component of my journalling work, I would peruse my considerable paper hoard for images or textures which conveyed a resonance to the day’s prompt, and arranged them in an intuitive manner. I enjoy using found images as they enable me to evoke new narratives; through drawing on the cultural associations they elicit, and reintroducing them in an unfamiliar context.

Textiles are also a large proponent of my artistic practice. I particularly enjoyed the prompt Sparkle, as it gave me the opportunity to create an embroidered panel, incorporating sequins and beads; a kind of stitched collage. My aim was for this page of the journal to twinkle and catch the eye as it was being turned. I also managed to showcase my weaving practice through my creative response to the Dovetail prompt, which I heartily enjoyed.

I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at The Australian National University School of Art and Design, and co-own Canty’s Bookshop in Fyshwick with my husband.