Lucy Laino

I have always been creative, loved art, made art. When I was younger, I had an amazing art teacher in primary school, her name was Miss Whiteoak and when I grew up, I wanted to be an art teacher just like her. Over the years I have obtained the art certificate and earnt the art degree, but more than often have struggled with confidence when it comes to knowing what to do, what to make, what to draw. What am I trying to say? Does it have to say anything?

After I had my son, art took the back seat. A very far back seat. I attempted to re-engage with art, but I found that I was constantly creating my own obstacles or blocks to avoid creating, managing to whittle away any whatever little artistic confidence I had. My hiatus lasted 10 years or so.

Determined to reconnect to art, over the past 18 months or so I have pushed myself to create almost daily. I have attended courses, workshops, groups, and classes. I have experimented and played with mediums and processes, giving myself permission to create without direction or judgement.

The flyer for the DC Journal Challenge on the Eckersleys window provided further opportunity to keep pushing myself creatively. My dawn risings now had purpose as I opened the daily email and let my brain absorb and respond to the word. I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed and was absorbed in the process, and how I creatively responded to each word both visually and conceptually.

Through this process I have grown more confident in my artwork and abilities and continue to prioritise my arts practice. I feel like Art and I have become friends again, we could even become besties.

The mediums and processes I used were watercolour, fine liner, Indian ink, poscas, charcoal, gouache, sharpies, oil pastels, alcohol markers, gel pens, biro, collage, photo transfer printing and tetrapak printing.