Margot Date

The Creative Journal Challenge is one of my favourite art activities. I love the surprise of receiving a single word and having to come up with my interpretation of it that day. As soon as I read the prompt I begin thinking of ideas. This time I used a selection of stitching, watercolour, coloured pencils, and a photograph.

My favourite was the combination of stitching and glass beads on linen representing the BOM radar for La Niña. If I had more time, I may have done more stitching, but I am determined during the challenge to complete the artwork and post on Instagram every day.

I have been surrounded by art and creativity all my life and studied a Diploma of Visual Arts at CIT in 2017. At the graduating exhibition I was awarded the Tuggeranong Arts Centre student prize of a solo exhibition. Unchained was staged from 7-21 December 2018 and featured a large crochet centerpiece. My profession is journalism and I worked for several years at The Sydney Morning Herald (in Sydney and Canberra) and then as a communications specialist. I am inspired by nature and am currently working on abstract linen panels with stitch, sequins, beads, and fabric.