Sarah Earle

This was my second year participating in the Design Canberra Journaling Challenge so I really wanted to challenge myself and let loose with a variety of mediums. Like any daily challenge, the anticipation starts from the moment you wake up and begin to ponder the possibilities. So many favourites but Magenta was the second last day of the challenge and I didn’t really want the motivation to end.

It started with the reverse remnant page from my collage ‘Home’ which was an earlier prompt. The chain stitch took a lot longer than I had anticipated but it feels rather nice to touch and the juxtaposition of stitching with images resulted in a fulfilling experiment. With the addition of gouache on Washi paper and origami papers, I relished filling these two pages!

Sarah Earle is an emerging artist based in Canberra, Australia. Graduating from the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2019 with a Diploma of Visual Arts, she continues to extend herself by experimenting with new techniques and mediums. Her work is expressed through painting, drawing, collage and mixed media to communicate memory, reflection or contemplation on landscape and human nature. She has shown in a number of group exhibitions and drawing prizes at the Belconnen Arts Centre, M16 Artspace and Strathnairn Arts Association since 2014. Sarah is currently working towards her first solo exhibition.