Emma Batchelor

I was drawn to the Nurture journal because it provided a structured frame to explore and test new ideas; a tangible space to create a daily practice complimentary to my written one. I approached this journal with a sense of play and curiosity. On some days I found myself striving to experiment with different techniques and media, on others I returned to something more familiar. At times I notice a desire to push my thinking, on others I felt content to act on my first impulse
Alongside my daily journaling, I participated in both workshops, and found them to be an invaluable introduction to techniques and approaches I had not considered. This process has been transformative to the way I think about creativity and the value I place on it in relation to my wellbeing. I have been able to expand both my creative practice and myself and am grateful to have participated in this challenge.

Emma Batchelor is a writer and author from Canberra. From 2016-2019 she edited and wrote for online publication Leiden, and in 2017 published ‘Building a Conscious Wardrobe (and other fun things)’ a book championing conscious consumerism. In May 2021 her first novel ‘Now that I see you’ won the Australian/Vogel Literary Award.                

"My creative practice is as a writer and formerly as a contemporary dancer. I studied visual art when I was in high school and while I have continued to draw and embroider occasionally, for many years now my creative outlet has been writing."