Margot Date

I tried mostly to journal whatever my first thought was after reading the prompt and completed the journal artwork entry every day of November. These I shared on Instagram. I used coloured pencils, cloth, beads and sequins, stitch, pen, photography and acrylic paint. I thought about how an object transforms into something else. A pod becomes a flower, a leaf transforms CO2 into oxygen, a pond gives tadpoles a place to transform into frogs. Transformation can also be a state of mind. It was wonderful to be part of this group exercise and inspiring to see the works created by other participants.  

Margot Date is an artist and a communications specialist with a long career in journalism. She studied a Diploma of Visual Arts at CIT in 2017, graduating with Distinction and at the 2017 Graduating Exhibition was awarded the Tuggeranong Arts Centre student prize of a solo exhibition. The solo show Unchained was staged from 7-21 December 2018 and featured a crochet installation and mixed media paintings. Margot is inspired by nature and enjoys exploring how to use stitch to create line and texture.