Paul Murray

“...with a certain amount of trepidation I opened each of the daily word prompts from CraftACT. If it was a weekend I was able to get to work right away, usually thinking about the immediate associations the word triggered, sometimes looking online for synonyms, or doing a google image search. Within 10 - 20 minutes I’d start to draw or digitally compile, sometimes finishing the work in one sitting, sometimes taking several sittings over the day. Saying ‘done’ is difficult.
Weekdays held their own issues of finding time in the working day, with the ideas usually gestating over a few days and emerging as a flurry of activity. Reflecting on the variety of transformational prompts and triggers invariably forces a contemplation of those personal areas requiring change - ultimately a force for improvement, empathy, and gratitude. Such a deep sense of satisfaction…Thank you CraftACT”