A Common Thread: Sam Gold

collection of textured ceramic vessels in blue, grey and gold

The conferring of emotion and meaning onto materials and objects is an essentially human and revealing act. Adelaide-based emerging ceramic sculptor, Sam Gold, explores this notion through clay and has created sculptural forms through repetitive mark-marking embedded within the clay that draw attention to the rhythms of making. Using her body as a tool, the clay becomes a site to document time and experiential narratives in ‘A Common Thread’, an exhibition she shares with Canberra-based textile artist, Harriet McKay.

These gritty ceramic works are evidence of a repetitive creation processes. An emotionally driven behavior, where the clay acts as a vehicle of cathartic release. The gestural marks, and textural indents of Gold’s sculptural works compliment McKay’s rich felt wall works and hint at the dialogue that flowed between the two artists.

Gold commented, “It has been both inspiring and satisfying to collaborate with Harriet and find that despite our different mediums, the concepts underpinning our pursuit for making work is a common thread that runs deep through our practices. Utilising our shared experience, the cathartic enjoyment of touch and by weaving tactile stories together across disciplines, we were able to share technical approaches to materials and philosophies which allowed our practices to deepen.”

Although visitors cannot physically visit the gallery, the exhibition can be enjoyed online on the Craft ACT website and social media platforms. A beautiful online catalogue features essays, artist reflections and biographies, photographs and a complete list of works. Most of the works in the exhibition are available for purchase, and artist interviews and video tours simulate the gallery experience.