Meet the maker: Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson is a celebrated Canberra based designer, maker and contemporary Silversmith. Completing an Honours Gold and Silversmithing degree at the Australian National University, Alison has over two decades of artistic and technical metal forming expertise, specialising in highly-crafted and sought after contemporary jewellery and tableware.  

For Alison and her partner Dan Lorrimerit’s about making minimalistic, functional and durable works ‘The investment of skill, time, and attention to detail is imbued into each piece we create’, she says. ‘By blurring the lines between art, craft, and timeless style, we intertwine our appreciation for the traditional craft of silversmithing and metal forming with minimalist elegant designs to create iconic metal pieces that are both modern and timeless. 

Alison’s inspiration comes from within. Going for a long walk in nature really helps to get my mind into gear, she explains. I might have an idea of a shape or something and sketch it. I find lots of small ideas join together to create the inspiration for my work. I will often play with ideas for years before developing a finalised design.  

No matter what she designs or creates, one thing shines throughAlison’s commitment to exemplary craftsmanship. We source all of our materials and packaging from quality Australian suppliers. We make everything from the design, to the prototypes to finding the products and making our tooling she says.  ‘It’s about making quality products that will last the test of time’. 

Alison’s work is held in numerous public and private collections, including a large acquisition by the Canberra Museum and Gallery. A recipient of numerous awards and grants such as the Australia Council for the Arts and artsACT project grants, Alison’s work has been exhibited widely within Australia and internationally, including at Inhorgenta (Germany) and Milan Design Week (Italy).  She is recently had an exhibition at CraftACT titled Making: A Way of Life alongside partner in life and practice Dan Lorrimer.

Cover photo: Lean Timms
Above image: Alison Jackson, The Travel of Fluesticks, Thimble Tube, Wheal Busy and Scoot Foot, 2016. Photo: Courtesy of the artist