Meet the maker: Misa Gelin


Misa Gelin is a contemporary gold and silversmith jeweller based at Little Anvil Studios in Queensland Misa studied Fine Art, Gold and silversmithing at RMIT University Melbourne and then Applied Art, Ceramic Design at Monash UniversityOriginally from Sweden, she is now living and working in the Hinterlands of Noosa.   

Misa draws inspiration from her passionsart, culture, humour and the natural world.  Her works display a Swedish style and functionality called ‘lagom’.  ‘Lagom means ‘just the right amount’, ‘moderation’, ‘in balance’ or ‘perfect-simple’.  It also relates to the way she uses recycled mediums and eco practices in her work shop. The love of colour, balance, simplicity and texture is evident throughout Misa's work.  

Misa likes to make jewellery from stainless steel upcycled from the kitchen sink, ceiling fans and kitchen range hoods. Her earrings are made by hand including pulling apart the base metal with an angle grinder then gently redesigning and reshaping it in the workshop. Her funky earrings are made to last, with recycled sterling silver studs. Misa’s jeweller is the perfect fusion of Australian and Scandinavian aesthetic.


Photos: Courtesy of the artist