Meet the maker: Taë Schmeisser

Bëuy (pronounced boy) is the label of award-winning Melbourne-based jewellery designer Taë Schmeisser 

From a family of well-known Canberra based artists (printmaker father Jorg Schmeisser and textile designer mother Keiko AmenomoriSchmeisserTae was born in Australia and educated in glass, ceramics, gold and silver in Australia and Japan.  She was encouraged by her Japanese and German parents to be curious, explore and create. Travelling from an early age, observing, appreciating and participating in different cultures has always been the fundamental basis that informs her work.   

Taë launched Bëuy in 2012. Bёuy proudly designs and makes award winning Australian jewellery that combines vibrant colours and contemporary techniques with traditional materials to create modern, accessible and affordable wearable glass art works. Bëuy's objective is to bring to light the strength of glass and its applications in contemporary jewellery. Her work focuses on the often-overlooked beauty and humour in everyday iconography, language and landscapes.  

Taë studied Visual Arts-glass at the Australian National University, then ceramics, and gold and silversmithing in Melbourne. Her studies in glass took her to the Toyama Institute of Glass Art and Kyoto Seika University in Japan and in 2009 she was awarded Artist in Residence at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece. In 2008 Taë won the e.g.etal graduate award and has been exhibiting her work nationally since 2002. In 2017 she won the Mansfield Glass art Jewellery award with a bëuy neckpiece, and was a finalist twice in the Victorian Craft awards. 

Photos: Lean Timms