Catherine Newton


Associate Member

Catherine Newton is a glass artist who hugs hot glass. She is a mother of four and grandmother to one, this role inspired her to use hot blown glass to embody a sense of maternal love and intimacy. Informed by psychological and theories of 'nature versus nurture' and influenced by artists Mary Kelly and Louise Bourgeois, Newton exploited the materiality of glass to realise her work.

In 2016 she graduated from the Australian National University School of Art with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) and was awarded the Emerging Artist Support Scheme Peter and Lena Karmel Anniversary Award for best graduating student.

Newton was Graduate in Residence at the Canberra Glassworks in March 2017 during which time she began to fulfil her ambition to highlight the important role of mothers by involving mothers from the Canberra community to participate in her work.

Catherine Newton, Mum’s Hug 811, 810, 93, 104, Blown, hot sculptured, cold-worked glass and timber. Photo by David Paterson.