Jennifer Robertson


Accredited Professional Member

Acclaimed internationally for innovative and complex woven textiles, Jennifer Robertson uses a unique purpose built digital handloom and her works span a broad range of textile practice-led research outcomes including sculptural relief and miniature 3D artworks, interior and fashion. 

Thematic research focuses on exploring relationship between environment, human form, interior space and materiality through the use of weaving metaphors and analogies. Investigating the poetic and evocative nature of materials interplay using soft engineering, threads are constructed into often multiple layered structures imbued with sensorial, haptic properties. 

Jennifer has collaborated with international textile industry with special woven textile production outcomes and recently with earth science to realize sculptural woven 3D geological artworks using new materials - basalt, carbon, glass, copper, silver and polyester. 

She works independently in her studio on thematic research projects with outcomes such as woven design prototypes; bespoke woven 2D and sculptural 3D artworks; miniature textile 3D artworks; and limited edition production - fashion/smart textiles such as haptic sensory, luminescent wraps, scarves, fashion - and comfort/performance interior textiles, including upholstery and furnishings. 

Research interests include creative technical materials, soft engineering and design innovation, sensorial comfort and sustainable fashion. 

Jennifer maintains a highly active exhibition schedule internationally and nationally, she is a Craft ACT Accredited Professional Member and has served on Craft ACT APM panel, ACT Textile Network, Craft Australia Export Development Group, Board member of "Shikat Project" Phillipines, ACT Govt Textile Education and is a regular contributor to CAPO. 

Jennifer Robertson lives and works in Canberra, Australia.

Crystal Imperfections as Agents of Deformation , 2016, hand woven on digital hand-loom, basalt, stainless steel, silk and polyester, 120x250x20cm. Photographer Jennifer Robertson.