Justin Wasserman

Mixed Media

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Justin Wasserman was born in Zimbabwe in 1974 and lived there until relocating to Perth, Western Australia in his early teens. He grew up in Perth before moving to Canberra in 2003 to work in the public service.

While he has always enjoyed art, it wasn’t until 2015 that he began to seriously focus his efforts in drawing, painting and printmaking. In that year he moved to Washington, DC and saw up close for the first time the works of the New York School of abstraction.

These works, including pieces by Motherwell, Francis and Frankenthaler, have had an enduring impact on his own artistic expression. These influences, especially Motherwell, have been a regular inspiration for his work, which has increasingly focused on drawing and printmaking. He works from ideas influenced by art, literature and lived experience; most often centered on concepts of mortality as explored within the framework of ancient mythologies. Above all his aim is to create expressive and intriguing work, and he has found most success in achieving this through bold abstracted forms and gestural linework.




Online Resources

Instagram: @justinwasserman

Website: https://justinwasserman.squarespace.com/




TOP AND COVER IMAGE: Red Arch, 2023, Monotype and Collage, 40 x 55 cm, Photo: Curtesy of Artist
SECOND IMAGE: F3 Portal, 2023, monotype print, 40 x 55 cm, Photo: Curtesy of Artist