Mark Eliott


Accredited Professional Member

Mark Eliott works Primarily in flame-worked glass while incorporating other media such as music, text, stop-motion animation, sketching and wood carving. His practice has a number of themes. One is sculptural abstraction informed by synaesthesia and the dance between improvisation and structure. Another is representation of biological organisms influenced by the 19th -20th century glassblowers Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka. He also produces narrative based works and engages in collaborations.

Mark completed both studio and research Masters as well as Saxophone studies at Sydney university and his work is in many collections including corning Glass Museum and the National Glass gallery. Recent awards include The Tom Malone Glass prize and the KIGA Award for innovation. He is also interested in environmental issues, music and teaching, He travels to Canberra frequently while living with his partner Manjit and their son and daughter in Sydney.

Image: Essence of Cloud Artefacts, 2018 Flame-worked and sandblasted borosilicate glass, carved recycled oak and mixed media, black velvet (woodwork made with the assistance of Shane Weichnik). Photo: Richard Weinstein.
Cover image: Down at the Water Table, 2018, flameworked borosilicate glass, recycled Australian red cedar, water 2018. Photo: Richard Weinstein.