Ruth Hingston

Mixed Media

Accredited Professional Member

Hingston’s work encompasses a complex variety of objects and images, an intertwining of three threads of sustained enquiry-fashion, textiles and architecture. All three are supported by a drawing practice.

Fashion and textiles have been lifelong companions; domestic architecture is a more recent friend. Hingston considers both garments and houses to be expressions of identity and skins for habitation. Textiles are her preferred media to bring concepts to life.

After successfully completing a Masters of Art at the Australian National University, Hingston’s academic exploration of Australian domestic vernacular architecture drew her to a residency at Hill End.

Initially Ruth's focus was fashion and printed textiles for kimonos, kites and umbrellas. As a design student, she was awarded the Gown of the Year at the WA Fashion awards. As a graduate with a Bachelor of Art from Curtin University, Ruth was awarded a traineeship at Sturt workshops in Mittagong. Then a commission for custom designed ecclesiastical vestments led to a decade of work combining textile and fashion design for clients.

Fashion and textile enquiries underpin Hingston’s current role as coordinator of the fashion degree program at Canberra Institute of Technology. She still designs customised garments and continues to produce drawings, illustrations and exhibitions of mixed media works.

Mapping Bunnilong
Embroidery and found objects on linen and cotton
Image Courtesy of the Artist