Sarah Humphery


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Sarah Humphery is a Canberra based ceramicist who creates handmade and slow made objects and functional pieces to be appreciated in everyday life. She is drawn to classic shapes and clean lines and places value on functionality, sustainability and well produced work. Her objects and functional homewares are produced using wheel thrown, hand built and slip cast techniques. Sarah’s practice has a strong focus on continuous development and learning as she’s interested in the complexities and level of exploration offered by clay and glaze as a medium. The process of making and exploring the boundaries and possibilities that clay and glaze offer largely informs Sarah’s work and the direction of her practice.



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Instagram: @sarahhumphery



Top Image: Long Neck Vase, 2019, Stoneware, 50cm h x 15cm w, photographer Sarah Humphery
Cover and Second Image: Round Vase, 2019, Porcelain, 30cm h x 8cm w, photographer Sarah Humphery