Sarah Murphy

Metal and Glass

Associate Member

Murphy maintains her practice in Canberra at M16 Artspace where she creates her work to exhibit nationally. In 2011, she received her Bachelor of Visual Arts, School of Art, Australian National University – Major Gold and Silversmithing and since then has been a finalist in various contemporary jewellery award exhibitions, including most recently The Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award at Castlemaine Art Gallery in 2015.

Of her work, Murphy says ‘Rhythm, repetition and movement are the fundamentals which are often the driving forces behind my work. I use repetition as a rhythm and a play between worlds of colour, movement and shape. In life we experience repetition every day. The simple act of walking, breathing or the sound of our own heartbeat. The gesture or movement of the human body, creating its own random yet syncopated pattern. The use of repetition in my work creates structure.  The presence of structure in our lives gives us the sense that we are somehow in control of our own existence. I enjoy creating jewellery with these characteristics and exploring how this might affect the relationship between the wearer the viewer and the piece itself.’

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Reflections, 2015. Titanium, glass, stainless steel. Image: Angela Bakker