Sue Peachey

Associate Member 


Sue Peachey has a deep appreciation and gratitude for all that sustains us on planet Earth. Hand building with coloured porcelain and using the technique of nerikomi, she makes ceramics that evoke our natural world in the wish that other humans may also connect. Sue’s background is in landscape design, permaculture and poetry. River’s Edge Ceramics can be found at Studio 7 in the delightful garden of Canberra Potters Society.

Online Resources:

Instagram: @riversedgeceramics

Above images: Mountains, 2020. Porcelain nerikomi; 17cm H x 11cm DIA; Photo Sue Peachey
Multi cells 2020. Porcelain nerikomi; 20cm H x 12cm DIA; Photo Sue Peachey
Cover image: Sake cups, 2021. Porcelain nerikomi; 7cm H x 5cm DIA; Photo Sue Peachey