The Capital Arts Patrons’ Organisation (CAPO) is a volunteer non-profit organisation that has supported the ACT region’s artists for nearly 40 years. Since establishment in 1983, CAPO has disbursed over $3 million as arts fellowships and awards with support from the Canberra arts and business communities.

Craft + Design Canberra is a proud sponsor of TWO CAPO awards - Outstanding Practice Award + Emerging Artist Award and we are proud to announce the winners:

  • Nicola Knackstredt | Craft + Design Canberra Emerging Artist Award who will use the award to increase the sustainability of her practice through recycling scrap metal in her studio, and by using more efficient polishing methods.
  • Annette Blair | Craft + Design Canberra Outstanding Practice Award to work on a project drawing upon her skills she has acquired over the past 23 years of working with glass and invest time into a new direction in her work.

We are also super proud to announce several of our other members were also award recipients: 

  • Brenda Runnegar | Shaw and Parners Award to take on an extended period of research and experimentation, and to take her art practice to an exciting new level and at the same time help draw attention to the plight of our insects. 
  • Rebecca Selleck | Robert Foster Memorial Award to complete an ambitious new body of work, Self-portrait in the Anthropocene (working title), that combines curved stainless-steel furniture with intricate bronze work, blown glass, living plants, and vibrant textiles
  • Jeffrey Sarmiento | Home.by Holly Award to create new works for an exhibition at Canberra Glassworks which explores 19th century glassblowing techniques and new methods of digital fabrication using 2D and 3D printing of glass.
  • Josephine Townsend | Michele Black Memorial Award - Creations Manuka whose project will culminate in two solo exhibitions scheduled for 2023 and 2024. Both exhibitions are exploring the key elements of trees – the textures of bark, the forms of tree trunks, the shapes and patterns of leaves and branches.
  • Fran Romano | Capital Chemist Award who will use the award to develop works for an exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre in 2024.

Congratulations to all our members, what a wonderful representation for our organisation. 

Images from the CAPO Facebook Page