6:30 Sessions artist biographies

Nellie Peoples // Biography

Nellie Peoples is a designer maker currently working and living in Brisbane, Australia. Her practice is in gold and silversmithing, in which she explores the connection made between objects and people; and how the object itself plays into the connections of those who surround it by representing on-going narratives.

The aesthetical and theoretical underpinning of her practice is built upon her formal education in the varying, yet intersecting, fields. In her practice she brings together the threads of these each field, with the body at the centre of the experience. There is a constant examination of the making of precious objects and the potential connection that can evolve between an object and those who invest in it. The interaction between the beholder and the object is paramount, whether be as intimate as a ring or vessel to share a meal.

She graduated from Bachelor of Design Arts with First Class Honours at the Australian National University (ANU), School of Art (2013). Whilst undertaking a graduate residency at the ANU’s Gold and Silversmithing Workshop, she completed a graduate certificate in Visual Anthropology at ANU (2014). in 2015 she was awarded an ArtStart Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts and recently was a finalist along with her collaboration partner, Sam Tomkins, in the Vogue Living Alessi Design Prize, in the category of emerging designer.

Michelle Stemm // Biography

Michelle Stemm works as an artisanal jeweller from her home studio in Brisbane, Australia. Michelle is an advocate for responsible sourcing of materials and the ethical production of metals and gemstones in her craft. Michelle's design practice is led by a desire for versatile, innovative and functional jewellery that reveres the story of origin. In this way she explores our human interconnectedness through the technical functionality of a piece, hand of the maker, body of the wearer and the viewer. For Michelle, connections create opportunity and dynamism. Connections bring form, function and histories together in endlessly interesting ways.

Nellie and Michelle's exhibition, 6:30 Sessions is on display at Craft ACT from 3 February - 19 March 2022. Find out more here.

Top image: Nellie Peoples, Bifocal Series January 2003, 2018. Photo Faun Photography
Bottom image: Michelle Stemm, Mother and Daughter, 2019. Photo Caroline Arlette