Art Group become a multi-year sponsor of Craft + Design Canberra!

We are excited to announce Art Group as a multi-year sponsor from 2024 - 2026 to support the Craft + Design Canberra Anytime Program and Festival.

Art Group is a multi-award-winning Canberra based property developer building homes for over 20 years. Dedicated to delivering projects of quality and distinction, Art Group is passionate about making a positive contribution to the nation's capital by pushing design and architectural boundaries and creating sustainable communities for future generations.

As a truly local developer with an ambition for a rich and prosperous city, Art Group are excited to support Craft + Design Canberra; advocating for the creative community and continuing to cement the city as a creative hub and achieve a collective ambition for unparalleled innovation and design. 

We welcome Art Group to our community of supporters who ensure we can continue to support contemporary craft  and design in our region and celebrate Canberra as a global city of design.

We thank Art Group for their long term commitment to Craft + Design Canberra.

What a wonderful alignment and we look forward to working with Art Group over the next 3 years! 

Image supplied by Art Group