Art Kintsugi with Yoko Kawada


Friday 17 May + Saturday 18 May

Kintsugi is a centuries-old Japanese craftwork where broken ceramic objects are pieced back together using Urushi lacquer and gold dust. Based on the philosophy of wabi-sabi, finding beauty in imperfection, the process transforms much loved, worn items into beautifully crafted new pieces of art. It is a chance to live a more sustainable way and to rescue objects which would otherwise be discarded.

In this workshop, students will learn the introductory technique of Art Kintsugi method, following 7 essential steps using modern accessible materials (such as epoxy and gold metal) to understand the repair process and create an original piece of Kintsugi art to take home. Students will also learn about the philosophy and history of Kintsugi. After completing the workshop, students will be able to continue the practice of Art Kintsugi and repair their own items.

All tools and materials to provided, including a piece of broken ceramic to repair (students will not undertake repairs on their own items during the session).

Please note this workshop is suitable for all levels of experience from 18 years old and over. Due to the materials used, the workshop is not suitable if pregnant.




Yoko Kawada studied interior design in London 1990s. During that time, she travelled extensively around the world before moving to Sydney, establishing her art studio and the design of her SQUARE + ROUND Washbasin.

Yoko’s works combine elements of handcraft and material technology, an approach which reflects her cross-cultural background ‘Unity of Opposites’ wabi-sabi aesthetic, combining mathematical perfection, boldness and elegance, tradition and innovation, streamlines and curves, square and round.

In recent years Yoko has collaborated with Tajimi tile artisans in Japan to develop a new product range and has expanded her creative skills through the practice of the traditional Japanese art and craft of Kintsugi and Maki.


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Images:  Yoko Kowada, image courtesy of the artist