CAPO Awards

Congratulations to Craft ACT members Sue Peachey and Jennifer Robertson for winning our CAPO awards on Wednesday night!

CAPO seeks to foster the highest standards of excellence in the arts and contribute to cultural development in Canberra and we are so pleased to sponsor two cash awards and partner with this vital organisation for the third year in a row.

The Craft ACT awards will support contemporary craft practitioners, designers and makers who are current members of Craft ACT.

Our Emerging Artist Award went to Sue Peachey. She will make a series of ceramic works that respond creatively to the principles of the regenerative earth care system of Permaculture and her work will be shown in our annual Emerging Contemporaries exhibition, opening 3 February 2022.

Our Outstanding Practice Award was given to Jennifer Robertson, who will use the funding to develop new earth science-inspired 3D woven sculptural panels and lighting for interior use, exploring structure and shaped imagery using inorganic, durable carbon, metal and mineral fibres.

Image 1 + 2: Sue Peachey, oval vessel. Jennifer Robertson, golden light. Photos: Lean Timms.

Image 3 + 4: Sue Peachey receiving her award. Jennifer Robertson receiving her award. Photos: Hilary Wardhaugh