Celebrate Reconciliation Week with us: Floor Talk

Celebrate Reconciliation Week with us!

Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre invites you and your guest to join us for a lunch-time floor talk with renowned Canberra-based educator, author and ceramicist Janet DeBoos. Janet will discuss her experience working with Ernabella artists and other remote art communities and how these collaborative events, as she calls them, have evolved over the years and, ultimately, influenced her own artistic practice. This floor talk is presented in conjunction with our current exhibition In these HANDS: Mara nyangangka.

FLOOR TALK at 12.30pm, Thursday 31 May 2018 with artist Janet DeBoos. Followed by Q&A.

In these HANDS: Mara nyangangka celebrates the collaboration between Australia's two oldest centres for craft and design, Sturt Gallery & Studios (1941) and Ernabella arts (1948). The exhibition features historical content and work by a new generation of Indigenous artists from Ernabella Arts.

Artists: Pepai Jangala Carroll | Tjunkaya Tapaya | Unurupa Kulyuru | Yurpiya Lionel | Imiyari (Yilpi) Adamson | Langaliki Lewis | Katrina Tjitayi | Rachael Mipantjiti Lionel | Carlene Thompson | Rupert Jack | Tjariya Stanley & Amanyi Haggie | Atipalku Intjalki | Lynette Lewis | Margaret Winton | Niningka Munkuri Lewis | Nancy Thompson | Janelle Muwitja Nakamarra Thompson | Derek Jungarrayi Thompson | Alison Milyika Carroll | Elizabeth Dunn | Thomas Ilytjari Tjilya.

RSVP via Facebook or email craftact@craftact.org.au
Exhibitions on display from 10 May until 30 June 2018.

Presenting partners for In these HANDS: Mara nyangangka: