Craft ACT Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

Annual General Meeting

A big thanks to all members who attended our AGM last night. The annual general meeting is an important constitutional requirement of our organisation, so we really appreciate our community making the time to come along.

Craft ACT board of management president, Rebecca Coronel reported, "For the Craft ACT board of management our focus in 2020 was to support our CEO, Rachael Coghlan, as we encountered each new challenge from Covid-19. This included negotiating our way through new government funding support programs, building information technology support, keeping the planned exhibition program running wherever possible and managing work health and safety procedures as restrictions changed. I thank our board members for remaining engaged and positive throughout such a challenging year, especially as they juggled the changes to their own workplaces and studios." Read the president's report here.

Craft ACT CEO + Artistic Director, Rachael Coghlan reported, "The sustainability of Craft ACT grew over 2020, thanks to increasing and diverse sources of revenue to support the organisation: retail, exhibition sales, artist income, membership income, fundraising, sponsorship and ticketing sales. This increase can be attributed to Craft ACT’s growing visibility to diverse audiences and strategic marketing. This growth enables us to pay appropriate practitioner, staff and artist fees, and to introduce paid development opportunities for our members, including the new CO:LAB program, in 2021." Read the CEO report here.

Craft ACT board of management treasurer, Sam Bryant reported, "Craft ACT has had another successful year in securing grants, sponsorship, ticket sales, donations and commissions. In addition, our membership base has risen again to record highs in response to the increased benefits to membership holders. These are outstanding achievements in the context of the uncertainty brought by the global pandemic throughout the year." Read the treasurers report and financial reports here.

All AGM documents are available to view here.

Strategic Plan 2021-24 //

For nearly 50 years, CraftACT has played a vital role in sustaining Australia’s high-quality studio practice and supporting craftspeople, designers and audiences. You are a part of our story: whether you’re a designer, a maker, a collector, a colleague, an educator, a customer or visitor. CraftACT has touched the lives and built careers of thousands of people since we were established in 1971.

The 2021-24 strategic plan for Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre outlines how we will continue to support our community of contemporary jewellers, furniture-makers, ceramic and textiles artists, glass makers and designers.

It will be the first chapter of the story of our next 50 years.

View online.

Funding opportunities //

In addition to our AGM we heard presentations from artsACT and Capital Arts Patrons Organsiation (CAPO) about funding opportunities for makers and designers. It was valuable to hear of the different grants our members can access as well as tips and tricks for bringing together strong applications.  

Information about these grant programs can be found at these links: artsACT + CAPO

New management committee //

At the AGM we nominated the new Board of Management for 2021. Continuing on from 2020 is:

  • President, Rebecca Coronel
  • Deputy President, Jenny Edwards.
  • Treasurer, Sam Bryant
  • Secretary and Public Officer, Laura Crick
  • Graham Humphries
  • Jennie Cameron

Craft ACT also welcomes new members:

  • Communications specialist and tourism sector leadership, David Marshall
  • Member representative, Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, award winning visual artist
  • Member representative, Isabelle Mackay-Sim, emerging ceramic artist

We are excited to have you as part of our team and look forward to the contributions you will bring. Find out more about the experience of the Craft ACT board online.

We would also like to extend our thanks to outgoing members for 2020; member representatives, Julie Ryder and Gilbert Riedelbauch. We thank you for sharing your experience and intelligence with us and greatly value the contribution you have all made to our organisation.

Annual Report //

Please take some time to read our beautiful annual report which reflects on our achievements of 2020. The annual report detailed the many successes of the Craft ACT member artists, staff, sponsors, board members, donors and collaborators who make up the Craft ACT community. View online.

Artistic Excellence & Membership committee //

We also want to remind our members that we are seeking interest for our membership committee and our artistic excellence committee for 2021.

Artistic Excellence Committee

Craft ACT celebrates and promotes excellence in craft and design across our artistic programs. Applications for our annual exhibition program are peer reviewed by acclaimed Accredited Professional members representing each craft medium and design. Evaluation takes place in April/May each year and involves individually reviewing applications and attending one committee meeting. If members cannot attend the meeting they can submit their report via email.

Please contact us if you’re an APM and would like to nominate for Craft ACT’s 2021 artistic excellent committee.

Membership Committee (includes artist in residence program)

Craft ACT is proudly a nearly 50 year old membership organisation supporting craft practitioners and designers at every stage of their practice. Applications for our Accredited Professional Membership category are peer-reviewed by a committee including APMs from each craft medium and design. Membership applications are reviewed online and the committee meets at the commencement of the year to clarify membership category expectations.
The membership committee also reviews applications for the annual artist in residence program presented in partnership with ACT Parks and a collecting institution or research partner. Evaluation of residency applications takes place in April/May each year and involves individually reviewing applications and attending one meeting. If members cannot attend the meeting they can submit their report via email.

Please contact us if you’re an APM and would like to nominate for Craft ACT’s 2021 membership committee.