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Future Craft

We feel very blessed that so many people in our community believe in the future of craft, and the future of Craft ACT. 

The following awesome people – craft practitioners, collectors, board members, educators, staff and all round great individuals - have personally donated $500 or more to Craft ACT’s Fifty@50 fundraising campaign as part of Future Craft:

  • Annie Trevillian
  • Andrea Ho
  • David Williams
  • Graham Humphries
  • Jochen Heinzmann
  • Julie Ryder
  • Rachael Coghlan
  • Sari Sutton
  • Virginia McLeod

We also received a couple of anonymous donations for Future Craft – thank you to these humble and generous people too!

The best thing about these donations is that every dollar given to the campaign has been DOUBLED by Creative Partnerships Australia as part of their Plus 1 campaign. This matched funding ensures that more artists, more audiences and more venues can be part of the Craft ACT story for many more years.

Please give generously today to Future Craft ($500+ donations):
You can also support Future Craft and the future of Craft ACT when you donate $500 or more. 

By donating to Future Craft, you will support the next generation of contemporary craftspeople through residencies, professional development and collaborations. You will be acknowledged as a Future Craft donor ($500-1000) in the Craft ACT annual report, social media and our website.

Donate $500 or more to Future Craft today at https://chuffed.org/project/craft-act-fiftyat50

Graham Humphries

Graham Humphries is leading a new donor circle and has personally donated $5000. Thanks Graham!
The Circle of Hands donor circle is an opportunity to encourage a new annual exhibition and professional development program for Craft ACT which will stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration. Launching in Craft ACT’s 50th anniversary year, a craft practitioner will collaborate with another design discipline such as architecture, landscape design, graphic design or fashion, for instance. A curated exhibition will be the culmination of a year-long program of professional and artistic development opportunities and exchange to forge new directions in the creative industries. Donor circle members will help to select the craft practitioner and design collaborator each year. Membership of the donor circle is $5000 per person per annum. Please contact Graham or Rachael to learn more about how you can support the donor circle at ceo@craftact.org.au

Julie Ryder

All Craft ACT board members have committed to raising $1000 each for the campaign, sometimes in creative ways. Last month, board member and textiles artist Julie Ryder presented an indigo dyeing workshop to help raise funds and she has now exceeded her target. Thanks to Julie for your support and also to everyone who attended the workshop. Please help our other board members reach their targets at https://chuffed.org/project/63919/team-craft-act-board-of-management

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Thank you to everyone who has donated to Craft ACT’s Fifty@50 fundraising campaign. The full list of supporters is available on our website

If you haven’t already supported Craft ACT’s campaign, please donate today. We hope to raise $50,000 by our 50th anniversary, to secure our next 50 years.
Every dollar you donate will be doubled by Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus 1 program. Craft ACT has Deductible Gifts Recipient status and donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Donate now: double the value of your donation and grow the future of Craft ACT’s creative community.

Image 1: Julie Ryder indigo dyeing workshop from DESIGN Canberra 2019. Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Image 2: May Kaythari Than Kyaw, Trayble. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.