Our Craft Family of good eggs

There’s never been a more important time to feel part of a community, and we want to give a shout out to the many members of the Craft Family who have donated to Craft ACT’s Fifty@50 campaign fundraising campaign. These generous donations directly support the Canberra region’s community of contemporary jewellers, furniture-makers, ceramic and textiles artists, glass makers and designers.

We are heartened to receive this support from artists, members, collectors, audience members, and all-round good eggs.

Craft Family (donate $500 or less):
Don’t underestimate the power of a small donation, a little goes a VERY long way in the community arts sector. We thank those who have already donated to become a part of the Craft Family:

  •  Lisa Cahill
  • Kate Nixon
  • Rebecca Coronel
  • Sara Keighery
  • Lelde Vitols
  • Tim McAlister
  • Peter Nolan
  • Anastasia Tzotzis
  • Michael Honey
  • Carmel McGregor
  • Robert Treseder
  • Rob Henry
  • Leonie Andrews
  • Libby Gordon
  • Malcolm Leggett
  • Gilbert Riedelbauch
  • Kaet Lovell
  • Jenny Edwards
  • Ian McNeil
  • Catherine Carter
  • Bronwen Jones
  • Sharon Peoples
  • Pam Saunders
  • Kathy Jack
  • Martine Pekarsky
  • Sonya McColl
  • Dianne Firth
  • Kelly Mcmahon
  • Tim Coronel
  • Perry Cohn
  • Emma Hornsey
  • Reiko Take
  • Astrida Upitis
  • Penny Davidson
  • Andrew Benoy
  • Annie Daley
  • Bronwyn Deane
  • Stephen Merange
  • Lara Per 
  • Ken Kroeger
  • Roger Pegrum
  • Michelle Slezak
  • Reshika Slvakumaran
  • Grant Winkler
  • Harriet McKay
  • Sarah Maslen
  • Anna Roberts
  • Meredith Hinchliffe
  • Diana Rahman
    • Patrick Morgan
    • Cindy Munro
    • Edmund Labguen
    • Ashleigh Stewart
    • Nigel Reading
    • Sinead Clifford
    • Jane Jervis
    • Jakub Baseda
    • Adi Watters
    • Wendy Dodd
    • Sue Wilks
    • Emma Thomas
    • Monique van Nieuwland
    • Lisa Molvig
    • Stephanie von Gavel
    • Valerie Kirk
    • Rebecca Hinwood
    • Elizabeth Paterson
    • Margy Burn
    • Nicole Hogan
    • Jane Nicholls
    • Katrina Tsiolkas
    • Judy Tanner
    • Ashlie Hill

    Craft Family members donate up to $499 – these generous contributions will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus 1 program. Every dollar donated will be doubled to ensure more artists, more audiences and more venues can be part of the CraftACT story for many more years.

    If you haven’t already supported Craft ACT’s campaign, please donate today. We hope to raise $50,000 by our 50th anniversary, to secure our next 50 years.

    Donate today

    Image: Distorted Trajectories with Madeleine Prowd and Marcel Hoogstad Hay. Photo: 5 Foot Photography