Spoon Making Class with Nobuyuki Ohashi from KOITOYA

1 Day Spoon Making Class with Nobuyuki Ohashi from KOITOYA

Saturday 21 October | 9am - 4pm | Craft + Design Canberra 


Join instructor Nobuyuki Ohashi as he guides you through the process of making your own unique timber spoon using Japanese carving tools. Nobuyuki will help you select your timber from a range of species while you choose your preferred spoon shape (3 options available).

At the end of the day, you will have made your own wooden spoon, gained knowledge of carving techniques and timbers, and had hands-on experience using Japanese tools.

Suitable for people with an interest in timber carving. Please note, you will be using hand tools throughout the day.

All materials will be supplied.



Nobuyuki Ohashi is professional furniture maker working at KOITOYA and Thor's Hammer. Nobuyuki is passionate about wooden cutlery making and has exhibited his works in Canberra and Japan. He is originally from Japan and has 12 years of experience as a wood worker.


KOITOYA is a Canberra-based business designing and making wooden craft and furniture, and teaching woodwork courses based on traditional Japanese skills and ideas. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the founder, gained his experience and skills in a traditional, private school in Takayama, Japan, a town famous for its carpentry tradition. After 17 years designing, creating and teaching craft and furniture making in Japan, he moved to Canberra in 2012 with his family and established KOITOYA in 2015.



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Image: Spoon making class run at Koitoya with Nobuyuki Ohashi Photo: Hiroshi Yamaguchi