For the very first time, we’re welcoming Tipsy Sketching to Craft + Design Canberra.

Are you curious about life drawing? Been sketching for years and feel like a fun night out with friends over a few drinks? Well, we think Tipsy Sketching is for you!

Hosted by Loz, an experienced life model and founder of Tipsy Sketching, you will be provided with some basic guidance, pencils and paper. Bring an open mind and Loz will bring a range of models - both experienced and fresh to life modelling - who will challenge you and make you laugh with the creative poses they bring to the room.



About Loz

Loz is not an artist. She is, however, an experienced life model. It was during a life drawing art class one night, that she was standing there, butt naked, not daring to flinch and she thought - ‘I really wish there was a space in Canberra that people of all artistic abilities could experience this while drinking some wine’. When Loz went home, she cracked a bottle…. and The Tipsy Sketching Club was born. Learn more about Tipsy Sketching.


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Images: Courtesy of Tipsy Sketching