World Craft Council Craft Master Awards


Three of Canberra’s most esteemed craft artists and Craft + Design Canberra Accredited Professional Members Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello, Kirstie Rea and Greg Daly, have been officially honoured with the title of Craft Masters of the Asia Pacific Region by the World Crafts Council. 

The World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Region selected 10 Craft Masters from the South Pacific region.  

This award was established by the World Crafts Council to honour craftspeople with over 30 years of professional practice for their outstanding contributions to the development of crafts.  

The award is based on five endorsement criteria: extraordinary contribution to field, sustainable practice, international recognition, continuous learning, and international collaboration. 

The South Pacific winners were: 

South Pacific 
Greg Daly (Australia – Ceramics) 
Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello (Australia – Glass) 
Kaetaeta Watson & Louisa Humphry (New Zealand / Kiribati – Fiber Crafts) 
Kirstie Rea (Australia – Glass) 
Liz Williamson (Australia – Weaving) 
Marian Hosking (Australia – Silver Smithing) 
Mary Dhapalany (Australia – Fiber Crafts) 
Prue Venables (Australia – Ceramics) 
Sandra Black (Australia – Ceramics) 

Please Join us at Craft + Design Canberra for a reception on Monday 18 December from 6pm - 7.30pm to celebrate the World Crafts Council Craft Master Awards.


Cover Image | Lean Timms | Image Above | Adam McGrath Hcreations