Julie Ryder

Open 10am – 4pm | Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2023 | 9 O'Rourke Street, Weetangera ACT 

I design and handprint fabrics for accessories and the home, using pigments and natural dyes. I produce a variety of high-quality homewares such as linen tea-towels, handkerchiefs, scarves, hand-dyed merino socks and indigo-dyed clothing that are for sale during the open studio. In addition I have exhibition quality artworks and samples and seconds that appeal to all budgets. My modern studio is surrounded by my lush garden where I grow my indigo and other dye plants and house my two large indigo vats.




Image: Julie Ryder, Open Studio Textiles, 2023, Cyanotype on paper; naturally dyed scarves; hand printed handkerchiefs and hand-dyed merino socks.